Monday, October 25, 2010


VOTE! ( Time to vote extended until next ladies night due to tie!)

Isn't Democracy Great?

This weeks ladies night :NOV 1 will be a regular ladies night, just come on down and climb!

Vote above for the theme/activity for the following weeks (Nov. 15th) ladies night.

(November 15th 6-10pm. Activities/Themes will begin after 7:30 when CTC is no longer in the gym)

All skill and experience levels welcome!

Feel free to post a comment to this post suggesting but not limited to:
Type of music to be played
Type of treats to be had
Other ideas for this or future ladies nights
Feedback in general for ladies night

Also please comment if you would be interested in a
Ladies Night Sleepover at Climbmax and/or
A ladies only outdoor climbing day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Night of the Climbing Dead

Ladies Only Climb Night Brings you:

Night of the Climbing Dead!

Put on a spooky costume (or any costume will do!)

And come climb 'til you drop dead! (not really don't worry!)

Monday October 18th 6-10pm (Remember we will share the gym with CTC until 7:30)

All experience levels welcome! (this includes no experience!)

Hope to see you scare!